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June 17, 2013

scenes from the 2013 nw animation fest: portland - opening night

by sven at 11:27 pm

This year's NW Animation Fest ran for three nights in Portland (May 17-19), then repeated again in Eugene two weeks later (May 31-June 2). With such a massive project, writing my usual moment-by-moment narration would be an overwhelming task. So instead, I've put together four photo series that tell the festival's story in pictures. Let's start with opening night at the Hollywood Theatre...

1. line forming for opening night at the Hollywood Theatre

2. the line reaches an astonishing length

3. view from the lobby, just before opening the doors

4. our big poster outside the theatre's main doors

5. the lobby begins to fill up

6. Temris Ridge hands out all-festival passes to superfans

7. get some popcorn, then head into the auditorium

8. find yourself a seat

9. quite a crowd!

10. welcoming everyone to the festival

11. thanking everyone who's contributed to the event

12. lobby life: discussing films during intermission

13. Oscar-winner Will Vinton

14. Sophya Vidal tries out the Animation Hotline Hotspot

15. Hollywood Theatre marquee at night

16. instructions for the Drink & Draw afterparty

17. opening night afterparty at Tony Starlight's Supperclub & Lounge

18. ASIFA's Drink & Draw table in the foreground, "Susco & Finka vs. Undead" playing in the background

19. several fest volunteers gather around the light boxes

20. it's fun to watch folks drawing

21. our brilliant light boxes were provided by Marten Zagunis

22. Thom May working on his drawings

23. speedily drawing animation frames

24. most of my drawings were bizarre inbetweens

25. Temris photographs drawings using a webcam attached to a music stand

26. at the end of the afterparty, we got to watch the film we all made together

27. a typically rough and wacky image from the Drink & Draw film

28. our Friday Night volunteer team: (front) Temris Ridge, Sophya Vidal, Thom May; (back) Serin Hale, Gretchin Lair, Sven Bonnichsen, Becky Hawkins, Stephen Couchman

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