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March 13, 2005

creata: the creative process

by gl. at 7:58 pm

alas, i didn't pick up on the fact that i had attended this same session last year, so there went $12 and 2 hours of my life i could have used right before fleeing to eugene for the laurie anderson concert. otoh, some of it made more sense. the articles she used as handouts are dense.

quick notes:

what happens during "flow" (and its counterpart, ebb.)

creative process cycle:
1. incubation
2. preparation
3. insight
4. evaluation
5. elaboration

art interventions=
1. art as healing
2. art as therapy
3. art in therapy

this was another session where the discussion between participants picked up a bit. still, i was tired and anxious about getting to eugene on time, and my eyelids were extremely heavy. i think it ought to have been a beginning-of-the-week session rather than the last session of the week.

still managed some mild artist's way promotion, though. the facilitator talked about it after i had mentioned it a couple of times, said she had heard good things about it.

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