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April 19, 2005

artist's way: week 13

by gl. at 5:57 pm

the last artist's way session for the spring group was last night. they had some terrific omega projects: two had amazing collages, one danced and gave away books & bouquets, and sven had gotten them each to paint handmade wire-frame flowers so that i'd have a special "bouquet" to keep, reminding me of each participant (as if i'd forget!).

and sven & i FINALLY got to unveil the supernifty supersecret project we've been hiding since the vernal equinox: a labyrinth!

labyrinthwhole.jpg labyrinthsven.jpg
(the pictures are blurry in an arty and "not enough light" kind of way.)

yep, sven made a labyrinth (and i'm sure project details about that will be forthcoming: i just filled in the lines). and the weather has sucked ever since, an important thing to consider when you want people to walk on it in their socks. of course, when we got desparate enough to build a rain structure the day before the last possible artist's way class, the weather cleared up, but it turned out for the best: adding white christmas lights to the structure made the whole thing magical.

thank you, artist's way! see you in fall!

posted by gl. | April 19, 2005 5:57 PM | categories: artist's way