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April 2, 2005

drawing studio: last class!

by gl. at 9:35 pm

today we watched a video documenting pablo picasso's painting process, meant to show how many times he changed his mind, even in the middle of large paintings. then we drew a face made of body parts from different pictures. for whatever reason, i became convinced it was going to become a horrible piece anyway and started writing all over it in the big sloppy way i do with a soda pop pen, naming all the body parts that were supposed to be in the piece (lips! right eye, left eye, hair hair hair hair hair hair hair, nose, an ear, ear #2, chin, invisible bones). from afar it was a grey shapeless mess, but up close it warranted enough interest to be nominated as one of the best pieces of the day by other members of the class.

during the picasso video i also realized calligraphy has no margin for error: if you make a mistake, you start over again. so now that i'm trying different flavours of art like collage, charcoal & pastel, i'm finding it easier to work in more forgiving mediums than i am with the crisp sharp lines of calligraphy (unless it's meant to be sloppy, like the soda pop pens).

posted by gl. | April 2, 2005 9:35 PM | categories: classes & workshops