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April 12, 2005

meetup to begin charging organizers

by gl. at 10:56 am

darn it! i just became the portland artist's way meetup organizer and now they want to charge me $20/month! a month! i committed to doing the meetup thing for a year so i'll do the "special 2005 rate" of $10/month, and then in march i'll see if i want to continue with the meetup group or continue with the original vision of having a monthly collage night for former artist's way participants (especially since that's who's mostly coming, anyway).

though the group foundered without an organizer for months, i don't think i would have become the organizer if i had known i was going to have to pay for it. and i certainly wouldn't have paid to start one. i don't plan on directly passing the fee onto anyone who comes, though maybe i'll host a raffle or funding drive at some point in the year.

posted by gl. | April 12, 2005 10:56 AM | categories: artist's way