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May 26, 2005

reviewing the MAC space

by gl. at 1:01 pm

on tuesday i stopped by the MAC to turn in a tax form, receive my "entrance authorization" form (also known as a "nanny pass"), and review the activities room space for the summer, because i remembered it being tiny & long. good thing i looked again, because it turns out the space is huge! 17'x33'! so now the challenge has moved from "how will i fit 8 people in a circle?" to "how will i make the space a comfortable, inviting space?" seriously. linoleum tiles=easy cleanup, but doesn't make me want to sit on it.

because there is so much space, the movement exercises will go better, like the authentic dance and "find your mother like a baby penguin." but my plan to do blind painting may not work because there's a large radiator blocking direct access to the window-lined wall, and the other wall is cabinets & sink. i'm still working on a format that works for me, too: i don't really like just making it faster, nor do i like the "optional book"approach.

got a chance to meet the new activities director (the person who found me apparently left after her 90-day trial period), and got to say goodbye to jackie, who has been very, very supportive of this endeavor. she's amenable to the artist's way open studio, but probably can't do artist's way sacred circle because she's getting her master's in special ed.

posted by gl. | May 26, 2005 1:01 PM | categories: artist's way