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June 29, 2005

the song is "hatching"

by sven at 3:49 pm

Another new song this afternoon: hatching

This one took just a hair over 2 hours to put together. No pre-packaged loops, mind you -- that's me on the keyboard making the drum track. I'm playing fast'n'loose with the melody, I know... I find it rather endearing. Human.

P.S. The reason the last song was titled "egg" was because I saw some eggs in our compost bowl by the sink and thought: "I think I'll go write a song titled 'egg'."

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mac music makers central

by sven at 11:09 am

Did some surfing around this morning, seeing if I could find free software instruments for GarageBand. No luck there -- (let me know if you know a source!) -- but I discovered the online community of mac musicians.

It's new to me, at least: MacJams.com. Kinda exciting -- jillions of original, amateur songs, all available to listen to without even having to become a member. Makes me want to try submitting something.

Ah, but the fantasy of making art always outstrips the pace of actual production...

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