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June 14, 2005

artist's way @mac: week 2

by gl. at 12:18 am

better vibe tonight even though it seems like everybody has had some sort of family crisis during the last week; one participant was even unable to make it tonight, but she was sweet and smart to call me in the activities room to tell me so. i forgot my music, in part because i made a last-minute change to the agenda, so i had to scurry to the car to find dang's elliott smith cd, which at least had "rose parade" on it.

i was thinking of doing a music exercise but instead tonight was the "critic transformation," night which everyone thinks is dumb until they get theirs back and are delighted. good for trust building and understanding that the group is here to hear painful personal histories.

because two people are going to be gone next week, i had to talk about the media fasting exercise, and i may have unduly frightened everyone. oh, it's big & scary, to be sure, but it's worse when you have to worry about it for a week intead of just getting right into it. and because two people are going to be gone, i may need to change my plan for playback theatre to something else.

i mentioned the pride parade as a potential artist date this week and i could hear the several-second pause of crickets. :)

i wore sven's mom's sunstone? necklace tonight-- even took off my lamplighter necklace to do it. i tend towards wearing only jewelry w/ personal significance, but the other day i figured that i ought to try viewing it as an art display instead.

posted by gl. | June 14, 2005 12:18 AM | categories: artist's way