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July 18, 2005

artist's way @mac: week 6

by gl. at 11:30 pm

finally! a successful session despite some substantial roadblocks! when i brought in my four bags of paint materials and destructable clothing, i discovered the activities classroom was locked and we had been moved to a dining room. "uh, oh," i thought, because they had specifically put me in the activities room so i could get paint on things. the dining rooms have carpet and nice fabric walls.

i checked in at the member events office even though i thought they might be closed, and found the manager writing an email to me to tell me the room had been changed. then we scrambled to make the room more paint-friendly, just in time for my first participant to walk in.

it was a good thing we went through all that trouble, though: only three participants tonight, but this turned out to be a very successful exercise for them. i was so relieved. only one tense moment where a participant decided she was done and then tried to make everyone else done, but it was handled quickly enough. this group still has trouble with the aesthetic response when evaluating pieces: they can speak articulately about what things are in the piece and how those things feel, but not how it makes -them- feel.

posted by gl. | July 18, 2005 11:30 PM | categories: artist's way