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July 29, 2005

artist's way open studio (july)

by gl. at 11:22 am

i lost the post i made about this last night, damnit. :( here is my attempt to recreate it.

wow! this was a fantastic event! even the heat couldn't keep them away. we had a full house of people digging through bins of delectable collage materials, good conversations, and lots of newcomers. (i even had to turn someone away for lack of space!). sven, alas, worked on the movie in "the lab" while we all played in the main room, but even he was visited by curious folks.

three people from the "create the world" event came, one person from the free monthly artist's way group that just got started, and colleen, who has just been dogged about getting flyers into libraries and then checking them to make sure they're still up and replacing them if they aren't. hooray, colleen!

[colleen's collage: outside cover. click the picture to see the other collages]

(still wish i could adjust the red on the images; i think the star lamps give everything in the studio a red cast. iphoto's "enhance" feature usually just makes the pieces look bizarre, so rather than going to another photo program, i just post as they are.)

everyone is always surprised when i say i like cleaning up after an event. to me it feels like a proper conclusion, sort of like a zen meditation. wax on, wax off.

posted by gl. | July 29, 2005 11:22 AM | categories: artist's way