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July 8, 2005

do the hustle

by gl. at 12:07 pm

think of this as a word problem:

emet has 7gb of space free and planet camino has under 1gb of space free and almost 28gb of movies live on camino when they should really live on emet and carl has deposited 25gb of music between camino & emet

planet camino is the scratch disk, beginning to throw messages about not having enough room to breathe and you're in the middle of a movie project you've been working on for years and even your 7gb is looking a little tight

new moon is specifically for music but you're afraid to add all this unknown music to it because it will mess with your perfectly arranged music library.

what do you do? you have 25 minutes.

okay, put down your pencils.

yes, i know, the answer is obvious, but i procrastinated about it. finally i imported all carl's music into new moon and created two different playlists: one w/ just carl's music to be reviewed at leisure, and one with everything except carl's music to be kept clean and nice. and itunes has that nice "find duplicate songs" command which will come in handy later. to fill the vaccuum left behind, i moved the movies onto emet where they belonged, which still left more than 8gb of space on emet and over 30 gb of space on camino. everyone wins!

(yes, 8gb on a 200gb drive is still a little tight. but it will do until sven figures out how he wants to handle longer-term storage for film projects.)

posted by gl. | July 8, 2005 12:07 PM | categories: administrivia