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September 1, 2005

fourth fall registration!

by gl. at 2:49 pm

from a woman in salem! that makes three for the wednesday morning group, a number i consider to be minimum fusion for group cohesion, and i have a limit of six, so i'm breathing a little easier for that cluster. i paid to place an advertisement in the soapstone weekly newsletter; though i certainly wasn't planning on placing paid advertisements this round, vicki convinced me it was worth the investment. and voila! no other nibbles from the venue, unfortunately, but i'm pretty happy it generated something. plus, it may motivate me to promote artist's way open studio that way, because free events get listed for free. :)

after my last craigslist post (a new one goes up today), i suddenly remembered that i could check my stats page to see how many times the post had been loaded and then approximate clickthrough to the portland artist's way page! very illuminating (and obvious! i ought to have thought of that before!). alas, analog's stats make it difficult to actually follow a particular ip, so sometimes i have to root through the raw files myself.

posted by gl. | September 1, 2005 2:49 PM | categories: administrivia, artist's way