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September 23, 2005

artist's way: week 2

by gl. at 10:10 pm

this week we did one of my favorite activities: a poetry walk around the neighborhod while it was still early enough in fall to have sunlight for the tuesday night cluster and beautiful and clear for wednesday morning. we live in a lovely area, right at the base of powell butte and about 6 blocks away from the springwater corridor trail. but the walk is so slow (you try writing every noun & verb down in a 3-block radius and keep walking at the same time), we never get to those areas. still, we end in a lovely open field nearby, so it mixes a little bit of rural with suburbia. i rarely participate in the activities when i'm facilitating, but in this case it turns out to be important to model the process, including writing the poems, so i'll be including them in two more posts.

an interesting encounter during tuesday night's poetry walk:
a man is walking his dog across the street: "what are you girls taking pictures of?"
"oh, we're just writing," i say, with my best harmless smile.
he speaks to his dog: "we've got three of them right here. they must be students or something."


center (safety): a single candle surrounded by chestnuts resting on silver tags w/ embossed words (yes, fall, heart, naked, heaven, light). three of erica moen's tiny paper stars are scattered about.

music played: sundays' blind.

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