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October 13, 2005

artist's way: week 5

by gl. at 11:40 am

the tuesday and wednesday clusters did different activities again: a tuesday participant couldn't come and so i scrambled to find an additional solo or pair activity, since the critic transformation really needs at least three people. so tuesday got an activity using only shape, colour & line to create a portrait of positive & negative traits (based on an exercise i did during one of the creative arts therapy workshops i attended the year before last). wednesday got to do blind contour drawing, which worked out well, i think, even though we were missing a participant, too.

the wednesday cluster also got an impromptu image transfer workshop at the end because one of the participants mentioned in passing wanting to know more about image transfers, so during the writing portion of the activity i grabbed a photocopy of the blind contour drawing i created in artist's way years ago, a scrap of paper, and citrisolv (a tip i picked up from the iprc transfer printing workshop -- citrisolve works like a dream). afterwards, we ended up in the kitchen playing with various transfers & papers.

in both clusters, i was interested to note that during media deprivation, participant partners were suspiciously alert for what they considered to be inappropriate behaviour: "are you reading?" "is that really an artist date?"


center (integrity): a small shaker-style wooden lid w/ three candles clustered in the center, surrounded by poetry beads. a gossamer ribbon runs beneath it, anchored by glass stars. the candles don't look centered, but they were on tuesday night. when i had to replace the candles on wednesday morning, i coudn't get it all back together again. :)

music: amelie on tuesday night, but since one of the participants remembered me playing it before (and this is one of the reasons why i wanted to write this stuff down), i played the mirrormask soundtrack for the wednesday cluster, because as sven pointed out, it was very unlikely anyone had heard it before. :) he also recommended the balafón marimba ensemble as a good post-media deprivation album, but alas! the cd player i bought is just a cd player. and sven's copy of balafón is a tape. so mirrormask it was! which, as it turns out, is often a little too frenetic to be a good artist's way cd.

posted by gl. | October 13, 2005 11:40 AM | categories: artist's way