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October 22, 2005

mhcc calligraphy: classes 1-4!

by gl. at 1:17 am

yi! i can't believe i've forgotten to mention i've been taking another mhcc calligraphy class. in fall they do bookhand, which i've never attempted, but it is pretty nice, really, and very legible. it's hard not to want do spanish round gothic, especially for some of the lovely combined letterforms.

one of the biggest changes this term: to keep my packing simple, i bought myself a slew of the best available calligraphy markers and carry them and a folder for my handouts & practice sheets, as opposed to the largish bag w/ inks, nibs, pen holders, large notebook, tsquare, pen holder, rubber backing, eraser, handkerchief, etc., etc. carrying markers instead of ink also means i don't have to change into special clothes in case of spills. the zig markers have both 2mm and 5mm ends, and the 2mm more-or-less is the size of a speedball c3 nib, but i still have to create my own lined practice paper because the instructor rules for a c2 nib, which is bigger. the zig 5mm is really, really big. i have no idea what i'd use it for.

this week we threw in some roman caps, too, though i preferred the ones i learned in san diego. the limitations of the otherwise competent zig markers become apparent at a 15-degree angle and crossbars look remarkably flat. but there's so much pen twisting, anyway (since bookhand is at 30 degrees and many of the roman caps diagonal strokes often change to 30 or even 45 degrees), it shouldn't phase me. next week i have a layout due, so instead of subjecting you to pictures of practice sheets, perhaps i'll just scan that instead.

today was such a beautifully blue & blustery autumn day that i walked on the path behind the college to the creek. the cottage-style art studios are especially charming surrounded by blazing trees and glowing golden carpets of fallen leaves.

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