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November 16, 2005

artist's way: week 10

by gl. at 11:49 pm

blind painting is always a fun activity and it allows people who are afraid of paint to try it because they can't see it! :)

after a tearful reunion last week, last night's group had the weird vanishing act again, so i had unexpected time to play w/ the gocco, but it was a little rough on the morale. the wednesday group, however, was chatty and excited and playful & brave. one of the participants has been a member of a previous cluster and has said the last two chapters really resonated for her -- which was good to hear because she really didn't have a connection to the book the last time 'round. but her life has shifted in some fairly dramatic ways, and this illustrates my theory of the artist's way process being a spiral one: not all the chapters will work for you, but at least one of them certainly will, and different chapters will mean more to you than others each time you read it.

i've been asked the same question now twice in two days: why do i host a free collage night? the job club for creatives asked it first, implying that if i want to use it as a recruitment tool for creative clusters, i need to target people willing to pay for collage night. today one of the participants asked about it, worried i was undervaluing my time & attention.

there are several reasons why collage night is free:

besides, who would come if i charged? i don't know how others do it, but it still feels like pulling taffy to get the studio to fill even when it is free. :P


center (compassion): layers of shimmery fabric folded into comfortable pillows, cradling a frosted glass candleholder. a gossamer ribbon of stars is tucked between the layers. i've been wanting to do something w/ fabric, and compassion seemed to be a nice way to use it. the first layer of fabric is a sort of dichroic or interference fabric: it drastically changes colors as you change the angle of the light, moving from dusky rose to plum twilight.

music: pink martini's hang on little tomato because i referenced it in the weekly email i send out between sessions.

posted by gl. | November 16, 2005 11:49 PM | categories: artist's way