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November 23, 2005

artist's way: week 11

by gl. at 11:06 pm

two pretty good sessions this week.

tuesday night finally got their blind painting session. one participant came in crying, but by the end of the night, her mood had lifted and she was excited and smiling. it's just amazing to watch the art process work like that; i don't often use the word "transformational," but in this case there is no other word for it.

this morning's group created a collaborative story using image cards they created, which they enjoyed so much all of them had ideas of how to take it home with them and get others involved. at the end they huddled closer and closer together, waiting for an opportunity to play a card, spinning story so quickly i could barely keep up! it seems more common than not that the collaborative stories begin in a magical forest. before the cluster began, one woman confessed privately, at the risk of seeming maudlin, that she admired me and was very grateful to get the chance to get to do artist's way with me. and if that isn't the perfect thanksgiving present, i don't know what is.

centerfa05-selfprotection closed.jpg centerfa05-selfprotectionopen.jpg

center (self-protection): the "flesh & spirit" box i created for the "outside the box" show in san diego. the outside very clearly shows the box "skeleton" and its panels are oversized limb & organ pictures from a victorian anatomy book that have been painted & gilded. the warm interior is a heart twinkling w/ light, filled w/ shimmery, gauzy materials, stars and hidden treasures.

music: the ambient cd of moby's hotel.

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