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December 15, 2005

artist's way open studio (december)

by gl. at 11:59 pm

so the proposed "rsvp fee" has been delayed a month, as we had a full house tonight except for one person who emailed me because she was sick. sven was in vancouver at a home-buyer education class which depressed him because he's almost due for a new morning pages journal and would have prefered to have been at collage night tonight instead. it was subdued but productive, with one nice new person & a few rough edges. nobody drank the egg nog, though.

the collage below has shiny red stars and a gold piece underneath "a forest." i wish i had a good way of capturing shine when scanning. also, the flower petals extend past the border of the piece and even a little further than you see here.

["a winter's night": click the image to see the other collages]

i'm up late and i'll be up even later because my mhcc final project is due tomorrow. i thought i was further along on it than i am because whenever i get good text the graphical element isn't right, and whenever the graphical element is cool, the text isn't. the problem letter this time 'round is "o," especially with a soda pop pen.

posted by gl. | December 15, 2005 11:59 PM | categories: artist's way