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May 19, 2006

artist's way open studio review (may)

by gl. at 5:32 pm

it was hot last night but not as hot as it had been the day before, so i am grateful. it was plenty hot enough in the studio, though, which prompted me to break out the fan and make lavendar lemonade. i gotta figure out how to get people moving during the events; most people don't get up to drink, snack, or play with other materials. forgot to put out the tea bags & the "please come in" sign. doh!

we tried another guided intent: "identity," and i managed the format a little better this time. and though i had a hard time personally with the writing this time (i just couldn't get my brain to shut up and focus), i got a good title from it:

["i choose the moon": click the image for the other collages]

this is a neat piece because it's so monochromatic: the only color comes from the reddish stars. of course this piece has a lot of shiny detail: the moon is a swirl from one of those silver paint pens, the stars are a unique faceted print, and the round thing on her heart is a small nut with a little moving gear attached to it -- i love its dimensionality and its interactive quality as the gear spins. (sven found that for me one day on the springwater corridor trail.)

in addition to the collages, sven & jen (a salem participant we met at last month's event) created a collaborative collage animation in under 20 minutes! (from conception to copying the file to celeste to be uploaded):

"the more we look": click on image to play clip (512 KB)


i'm finding it more difficult to finish a collage during a facilitated event. very little of my piece was glued down before i had to talk about it. that actually worked out okay: the little gear nut was a piece i added afterwards instead of a larger rusty metal bracket-thing i had been planning to use.

so the big news is that i'm breaking collage night into two events: the guided intent event i've tried for the last couple of months will move to the first wednesday of the month. this event will have the potential for various mediums & a facilitation fee. but i'll keep the free collage night on the third thursday of the month and it will return to its casual roots. a little something for everyone! plus, our waitlists have been getting longer and so i'd like to give people some more options.

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