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September 22, 2006

artist's way open studio (september)

by gl. at 3:49 pm

happy equinox! last night i hosted the artist's way open studio. though the last day of summer arrived with with thick grey clouds and a chill in the air, the studio was warm and lively, abundant with creative energy and intuitive collage explorations.

jen couldn't come because she had a family emergency (big hug, jen!), but otherwise, the studio was full. sven always misses the nights we have another boy at the table, but how could he resist taking a job at bent image lab to build armatures? :D still, he's enough of a fixture that people asked about him.

the open studios are our least structured art opportunities, so i don't spending a lot of time or energy as a facilitator, but i'm still amazed i create a collage each night. and it's a good reminder that it's still necessary for me to host these for my own art in addition to providing opportunities for others, because i still spend vastly more time on the computer than at the studio.

[sprite: click the image to see the other collages]

"sprite" includes a fuzzy photo donation from a collage fairy, part of a baci chocolate wrapper, a fairy illustration from charles vess (i think), a piece of wrapping paper, cardboard from a tape dispenser, a piece of cigarrette package (where the heck did that come from?). i cut it too short, though, so had to add an old piece of painted paper in the upper left corner.

posted by gl. | September 22, 2006 3:49 PM | categories: artist's way