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October 18, 2006

artist's way: week 6

by gl. at 1:10 am

people started off really tired today but left feeling much more energized. having done the critic transformation exercise a couple of weeks ago, in today's art activity i asked them to write love letters to themselves. writing nice things about yourself is HARD, so we did it in stages: first, i photographed them using an izone camera. they did free writing they knew wouldn't be shared, then created a poem from the writing that was shared. as each poem was shared, everyone responded by writing a couplet about the poem. the izone portraits & couplets were used to create valentines to and from themselves. it all sounds silly, but it really works.

(i'm sad to discover the izone is no longer being made. i kept thinking i should get a few more of them because it's great to have an occasional photography component. but now it's too late, and my camera is turning everything red.)

center (possibility): this is almost exactly what we have in the center of our coffee table: we grew that tiny pumpkin, the rocks came from our trip to canada, and the chestnuts are an assortment from this year & previous years. so it's less about possibility than fall, i suppose. unless you want to stretch the growing/traveling metaphor.

music: 10,000 maniacs, love among the ruins. i don't have a lot of music that sounds happy all the way through...

posted by gl. | October 18, 2006 1:10 AM | categories: artist's way