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November 17, 2006

artist's way open studio (november)

by gl. at 12:10 am

small collage group tonight. we had a waiting list till this week, when people began dropping like flies. after the dust had settled, we had 7 rsps -- but only ended up with 4 people at the event, one of whom i didn't even know was coming. argh. maybe it's seasonal: last year our november event was the smallest even though the rsvps were large. i just wish people would rsvp conscientiously. even though we have a waiting list, by the time most rsvps decide not to come, those waiting have likely already made other plans.

so, it was quiet and i was a little distracted. i collaged a new notebook to carry around, though: my previous notebook is almost done, hanging on by just a few spirals and with only 2 pages left.

[doubtless guest: click the image to see the other collages]

i'm sure you're shocked to discover this has a lot of shiny on it that you aren't seeing. the background is a satin-shine wrapping paper (shield may recognize it), and the purple stripes are also shiny. the red circle-star above is a shiny gold and the red stars in the lower corner are shiny, too. the light bluish star in the half-circle has a small jewel in its center, and the green painted paper has copper foil accents.

my biggest mistake: i knew this was for a notebook, which requires a stronger bond, but i forgot to use matte medium to glue all the pieces. i sealed it with matte medium, but it won't take long for the glue stick underneath it all to dissolve, and then there will be trouble.

posted by gl. | November 17, 2006 12:10 AM | categories: artist's way