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December 22, 2006

artist's way open studio (december)

by gl. at 2:04 am

a very lovely group tonight, including a recent artist's way grad! they were remarkably comfortable with each other. flu knocked a lot of the original attendees off the list, but a last-minute announcement filled the studio.

only one RSVP didn't show, but combined with an argumentative member who didn't attend the event he RSVPed for, i finally revised my policies concerning first-time RSVPs. that makes me sad: i certainly don't want to discourage new members, but neither do i want empty seats at the studio! at this point 80% of the first-time RSVPs from Meetup never show, which just breaks my heart because there are usually people on the waiting list who could come but i have to turn them away. so starting next month i'll require a $5 deposit to hold the space for first-time attendees at a studio event. this isn't much of an issue with people on the studio's events list, so the policy currently applies only to Meetup members.

[dare to love completely: click the image to see the other collages]

a silly story of two bunnies in love. it's meant to look a little child-like. the sun is shining, the hills are alive, birds are singing, the stars are shining even when you can't see them. the bunnies aren't embarassed to be in love with each other. faux-bows poke out the holes of the vietnamese (?) homework.

posted by gl. | December 22, 2006 2:04 AM | categories: artist's way