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March 8, 2007

artist's way guided intent (march)

by gl. at 7:34 pm

spring is in the air and art is blossoming! coordinating mind, heart & hand was the purpose of last night's blind contour drawing activity. we drew and drew and drew and drew! I can't even believe how much we drew!

each of us started with a random object and swapped with each other at the end of 10 minutes. we did that excercise four times. then we did a self-portrait; then we did portraits of each other; then we colored the enclosed spaces on one or more drawings.

[self-portrait & microscope: click the picture to see the other photos]

i've done a much better blind self-portrait before: in fact, it's what originally made me so happy about the process. but i've discovered that if part of your brain is faciliating the event, it's difficult to approach it with the same amount of zen. :) this self-portrait looks like two portraits, each at different angles. but i think my hair is spot on. ;)

the most disappointing part of this event was the attrition rate again. this time, half of the rsvps didn't appear and never contacted me. man, that sucks. it looks like the only strategies left are to collect payment in advance or stop hosting them. i have two more guided intents i -must- host because i have guest facilitators (eee!), but it's not like i make enough money off the guided intent to be worth all this hassle, so the latter option is not out of the question.

having said that, i'm very excited about the next event, which is the edible book tea to celebrate our second anniversary! i very much enjoy celebrating creativity of all types, including culinary, and i was charmed when i attended something like this in san diego several years ago.

posted by gl. | March 8, 2007 7:34 PM | categories: artist's way