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March 25, 2007

toby's travels: trip to the beach

by sven at 1:17 pm


This past week we went for a little overnight vacation at the coast. It was Toby's first time seeing the ocean!

"(...MAYBE A LITTLE too BIG.)"

It rained pretty much the whole time we were there. Toby wasn't big on getting wet (being pretty much a sponge) -- but he did finally venture out of Gretchin's pocket when we got down to the waves.


We had a leisurely time... Making vegetarian corned beef sandwiches (originally intended for St. Patrick's day), crepes filled with asparagus and with strawberries... Lounging on the couch, reading books aloud...

Toby shared a nice cup of tea with me.

(I think he may have been under the impression that it was his own personal hot tub.)

sven, toby, and gretchin

We played a good game of Scrabble.


Toby's not very good at Scrabble yet.

Toby's first trip to Pizza Hut

I have a fondness for Pizza Hut when we travel... So on the way home, Gretchin treated us.

straw sniper

Coming back from the salad bar, Toby was hiding behind the water glasses and blew straw wrappers at us.

Silly boy!

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