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April 20, 2007

lsgl: "brain beacon" models

by sven at 11:27 pm

Still working on the Intergalactic Distress Beacon.

basic brain texture

At last night's Open Studio event, I found this fantastic image of a brain... It occurred to me that maybe the beacon works on telepathic principles -- so I scanned the image and turned it into my bump map.

darkening the folds

The texture seems a little more "realistic," I think, if I also use the brain image to modify the color map.

new geometry

I created a new model. This one has a larger mirror; the legs are smaller; the satellite dishes are even; and there's a rim at the base of the barrel. I also made the brain texture a bit bigger.

plain texture

The idea of the brain texture seems cool -- but I'm not really convinced it's working out. So I replaced the brain texture with some plain metal textures.

45 degree turn

Looking at the geometry with a plain texture on it, I realize I'm not very happy with this model. The "torso" looks too barrel-like to me. It lacks elegance...

All told, I don't think today's models really improved on my previous work. So far, the oriental vase model seems to be my favorite.

posted by sven | April 20, 2007 11:27 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie