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May 3, 2007

artist's way guided intent (may)

by gl. at 10:13 pm

lynn facilitated our "safety" guided intent this month. this was the first time she's taught soulcollage but i'm really glad to give her that opportunity, because she was such a pleasure and had such gentle enthusiasm. i know lynn through the other regular artist's way group in portland, the one that's offered through the unitarian church.

one of the things i like about having other people at the studio is seeing how they use the studio differently than i do. lynn spread out the images all over the studio so that people moved around to find images, even sitting on the floor to sort through the huge pile there! then we gathered at the table to make the soulcollages, and afterwards we broke into pairs to talk about our cards, using the "i am the one who..." process. i think these kinetic landmarks really helped mark the different stages of soulcollage.

i actually made two soulcollages! the first one is still a little vague for me; i don't really know what it means yet. but the second one absolutely delights me. this is one of my favorite collages (i know, didn't i say that last time?). whenever i see it i think, "yes! that's one of my best selves!" and i really want that feeling of lightness and joy again, the kind where you close your eyes to listen to yourself hum and you've gotta dance just because the moon is shining. though you can't see it very well, the dancing fish & the water droplets are shiny.

["silence" & "inner joy": click the images to see the other soulcollages]

i'm facilitating the next guided intent in june, at which point i'll be taking the summer off, so the guided intent after that will be in september. the theme for june is "identity" and features mask-making. i've only ever done this in an artist's way creative cluster, so it will be interesting to see how it works in a more general setting. but so far, i've always been amazed at what gets made! having it as part of guided intent will also mean that i get to create one -- which i haven't done yet!

posted by gl. | May 3, 2007 10:13 PM | categories: artist's way