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May 10, 2007

lsgl: bored with doing animatic work

by sven at 11:55 pm

alternate "deep history" look

Because I completely rewrote the script after filming my actors, I've been wrestling with how to massage the material I have into a new form.

Yesterday and today have mostly been spent trying to edit together the sequence where the explorers touch the distress beacon and it turns on. I've got notes for a few more timing tweaks -- but it's essentially there.

Editing's hard on the brain... Watching and reworking the same 60 seconds over and over and over again... I'm up to version 6 of this animatic. At some point in the evening I realized I was just staring at the clip, brain disengaged. Time to switch tasks!

So, I did the experiment you see above. I wanted to try out an alternate strategy for the "deep history" segment: using my LightWave models instead of stopmo puppets.

The plus: I get to keep my really crisp lines -- and don't have to build a new puppet. The minus: I find it more intuitive animating a puppet with my own hands, rather than trying to program animation on the computer.

There are still other ways I could tackle the look of the Elder Things. I ought to try throwing a plain black silhouette into AfterEffects...

I'm considering switching over to working on the sequences that come after the "deep history" for a while. I expect animating the elders will kick my ass -- so I should probably get a start on that part of the project as early as possible.

posted by sven | May 10, 2007 11:55 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie