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May 24, 2007

lsgl: the tour

by sven at 10:20 pm

Today's big news: I managed to track down Andy Stout -- one of my actors -- so I can shoot some new footage next month. It's a very good thing. Now I'll be able to do the new script's ending right.

While I'm here waiting for a big render to complete, I thought maybe I'd take you on a little tour of my workspace...

the desk

Here's the desk where I'm doing all this insanity-producing animation.

Jenny Greenteeth

I've framed and hung my limited edition woodblock print of Jenny Greenteeth... She makes an apt companion for this project. (Thanks for the art, Jeffrey!)

Elder Thing puppet

I keep my Elder Thing puppet close by -- to help me figure out how a five-legged monster walks.


Gretchin gave me this lovely little vase for my unbirthday... So I've been keeping daisies in it, to liven up the place.

the storyboard

Here's a close-up of the storyboard I made yesterday... And here's the outline of events in the film:

  1. Cross to beacon. I'm using the teaser-trailer as-is... Except, after the title card, we now pick up the action with the explorers already deep inside the hive.

  2. Touch it! The explorers discover the intergalactic distress beacon, with a mesmerizing aurora pulsing on its screen. The captain can't help himself -- and goes forward to touch it!

  3. Beacon turns on. The beacon's screen goes black. A laser shoots toward the ceiling. A telepathic message begins to transmit.

    [This is where the "deep history" segment will go, if I have time.]

  4. Post-beacon argument. Disturbed by what they've seen, the explorers get a little testy with each other -- then quickly decide to high-tail it out of the cave.

  5. Shoggoth cam. But the explorers aren't the only ones who received the message! Outside in the frozen wastes, we get a POV shot of something rushing towards the cave.

  6. Exiting cave. The explorers are on their way out. The lights may now be pulsing... The cave will seem different -- I just haven't quite decided on the effect yet.

  7. The Elders awake and stampede. There's a hideous scream. We see an Elder's eyes open. The beasts begin to stand up... In fact, they're galluping! ...But away from the explorers??

  8. Shoggoth attack. The camera pulls back and we see that a Shoggoth -- five times as tall as the giant Elders -- is oozing into the room, blocking all escape. It throws out pseudopods, smashing Elder Things to death. In the chaos, it looks as if an Elder Thing is falling down upon one of the explorers... The cameraman is knocked unconscious.

  9. Post-massacre. We fade in to discover one of the explorers lying on the ground. He sits up, revealing a dead Elder lying just behind him. We survey the destruction... His companion is dead, and his red flows out onto the floor. The hive is strewn with dead Elders. The beacon is smashed. The lone survivor stands frozen with horror. ...And then in the distance, we hear the scream of the Shoggoth.


posted by sven | May 24, 2007 10:20 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie