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June 26, 2007

bonnie ward's "making fairy furniture"

by gl. at 3:06 pm

we hosted bonnie ward's "making fairy furniture" jun16. ever since i saw her do this workshop at the last create the world, i knew this would make a great studio event. we had to wait almost a year to get the scheduling to work, but i'm glad it did!

bonnie has an almost indescribably large collection of plant materials to use: we had to set it up a couple of days before to make sure we had room for it all!

[just one of several tables: click the image to see what they made!]

she was also incredibly organized: everyone got their own low-temp glue gun (and a power strip for them all) and a pruner. because it takes so much space, we had a smaller class size than normal, but it filled and they created a lot of pieces. :) it was a lovely introduction to summer. and this has been the only workshop where i've been able to compost the bits left behind! ;)

this was the final workshop before my creative hiatus in july & august. in september, i'll be hosting an improvosation & movement workhsop by two lovely people, matt & toni tabora. see you then!

posted by gl. | June 26, 2007 3:06 PM | categories: classes & workshops