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August 12, 2007

new music: "el capitan" & "don't eat the worm"

by sven at 11:59 pm

I was working on the music for Act 1 of Let Sleeping Gods Lie today... And got sucked into recording some unrelated compositions.

For the first one, "El Capitan," imagine that Big Blue the chess computer is practicing a little ragtime jazz all by himself, deep in the darkest heart of IBM, when suddenly the cryogenically frozen ghost of Ritchie Valenz ("La Bamba") falls through the ceiling with a big translucent guitar in hand... Jam session ensues.

Listen to the mp3 by clicking here. (1.72 MB)

For the second composition, "Don't Eat The Worm," imagine that you've got a big bottle of tequila in front of you. It's a dark sweaty night, moths flitting around a single bare lightbulb. And then the tequila worm starts swimming a little figure-eight dance in the bottle. And then you realize it has your face.

Listen to the mp3 by clicking here. (2.22 MB)

posted by sven | August 12, 2007 11:59 PM | categories: music