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September 11, 2007

blank slate

by gl. at 12:27 am

what's wrong with this picture?

[blank slate]

someone stole all trixie's magnets on her right side while sven was out shopping the other day!

one of the questions people invariably ask when introduced to trixie & her poetry magnets is "do people steal them?" usually, no. this is only the third time something like this has happened since 2003 (once in colorado). i expect a few of them to be lost to "attrition," but it's rare for someone to swipe a whole bunch. but when it does happen, it makes me sad.

(ooo, AND they yanked the cthulhu fish off the back, too. ergh.)

we used up the last of our magnets to fill the space, so now it's time to order more magnets! but i'm a little worried because their big kit looks like it's only available in san serif; they used to have an additional kit which was a serif font. it would be weird to mix them, and i lovelovelove serifs!

posted by gl. | September 11, 2007 12:27 AM | categories: trixie