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October 21, 2007

trixie, the 10th muse

by gl. at 8:48 pm

trixie is long overdue for an update! the photo below is a sign from "trixie's," a hair place next door to the little red bike cafe. tlrbc makes wistfully good maple bacon ice cream, but everything there is really quite delicious.

[how could i resist this sign?]

but i've been wanting to write about this since i first saw it mentioned on her blog: shu-ju made a gocco print featuring trixie! it's part of her unofficial "quirky delights in portland" series, the other of which is about the toy horses attached to the old horse rings.(btw, shu-ju was just mentioned in the new york times magazine as a gocco expert in their article "the cult of gocco". go shu-ju!)

[make words erupt like a big cabbage?]

i was blessed with a copy of the print when i went to see shu-ju today during the open studios tour today (more of that in a later post!). when i got out to trixie someone had arranged all her poetry magnets on one side onto the rear door.

[thank you, shu-ju!]

AND... it pained me to have to wait till now to write about it, but bridget's gotten her poetry car up and running now, too! she calls it the "blank canvas" and has already had her first spontaneous poem. yay, bridget! i'm so excited for the poetry cars of america! we've got to get a better name: the automotive poetry association? the poetry transportation society? iambic odometer?

[make time for more love or play]

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