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November 18, 2007

artist's way open studio (november)

by gl. at 10:10 pm

on thursday we hosted our monthly collage night. novembers have previously been dubiously attended, but this month was packed w/ a long waiting list! jill finally got to come and i am pleased when people who have been on the list for a while make it out to an event for the first time, because it feels like the studio is so much cooler than i can convey through email alone!

i wasn't intending on making something thematic, but the catalog candles immediately leapt onto the page and everything else fell into place from there. i've been wanting to use these leaves for a few months now. the flames in the upper half called for shiny bits elsewhere, so i punched some dots from a scrap of gold wrapping paper.

["bountiful": click the image to see the other collages]

also, in the rush of october, i completely (!) forgot to write about the last open studio, where i made this collage:

["eating poetry": click the image to see the other collages]

one of the things i like about collage night is that i see stuff pop back up and i can use it in a different context. the "eating poetry" scraps are from the edible book tea back in march!

posted by gl. | November 18, 2007 10:10 PM | categories: artist's way