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November 29, 2007

artist's way: session 10

by gl. at 1:41 pm

this group tends to be in sync: many of the issues that come up in a week are shared among the particpants. this time it was a desire for physical exercise or motion, which doesn't surprise me. as we near the end of the artist's way, physical motion mirrors creative motion; momentum in one sphere often means momentum in the other. also, since we only have one (!) more session left, there are worries about how to maintain these practices, protect the time they've managed to carve out in the week -- and continue to make art!

ordinarily i might do a blind painting exercise at this point, but i kept hearing the group mention music, so i held my breath and opted to try something new. that failed miserably the first time i tried it, and so it took a significant amount of courage to try it again. since then i have attended a music session at creata, which gave me a better baseline for how to facilitate a music event, but i was still nervous, in part because it's an area i still feel pretty uncertain in as an artist. fortunately, it went really well this time!

this activity was possible in large part because one of the participants has a large drum collection she was kind enough to share with us. if i do this again, i need more drums. and a place to keep them. :) i actually ordered some handbells & "boomwhackers," but alas, they haven't gotten here yet. however, i was thrilled to get a chance to use the scarlet star-shaped tambourine sven got me a couple of years ago in anticipation of such an event.

center (autonomy): finding your own way amongst all the other pretty stars.

music: bobby mcferrin's "beyond words."

posted by gl. | November 29, 2007 1:41 PM | categories: artist's way