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January 5, 2008

artist's way guided intent (january) & artist's way open studio (december)

by gl. at 1:23 pm

this week's guided intent was a writing event. last year i used vicki lind's old photos for all the exercises, but this time i varied the images. first i used some faces i had torn out of magazines that i've been carrying around since college, then cards from edward gorey's "the helpless doorknob," then cards from "the creative whack pack," and finally we returned to vicki's photos.

most of the photos had 5-minute prompts, though vicki's photos had a series of 2-minute prompts, at which point participants could either elaborate on one of the stories they started or pick another photo and write for another 10 minutes.

also, december's open studio (which i am just now writing about) seemed the perfect place to make these gift tag collages. these were fun to make and fun to match up with the gifts.

that last one is "the angry christmas zebra." alesia asked me why the zebra was angry, and i told her this tag represents a moment in the "rocky" training montage after the zebra had been rejected from santa's sleigh team.

posted by gl. | January 5, 2008 1:23 PM | categories: artist's way