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January 8, 2008

essentials & influences

by gl. at 5:59 pm

dayna posted her studio essentials & influences based on the book "alphabetica," which sven serendipitously gave me for xmas this year. it's a good meme, i think (plus, when am i -ever- going to be listed as an influence on the same list as the beatles again? :D). so to carry it forward...

studio essentials:
1. stars
2. letters
3. the flat files sven built
4. scissors, exacto knives & glue sticks
5. a TON of paper
6. bits & scraps, some of which i've been hoarding since the 9th grade
7. music
9. the electric tea kettle
8. printer & photocopier
10. teh internet

1. sven & toby
2. astronomy & science
6. the artist's way & pamela underwood
3. edward gorey
4. calligraphers, especially denis brown
5. andy goldsworthy
7. portland
8. shu-ju wang
9. burning man
10. teh internet

i'd love to read your essentials & influences, too! i'm not "tagging" you per se, but feel free to answer these on your own blogs or in the comments. :)

posted by gl. | January 8, 2008 5:59 PM | categories: miscellany