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February 20, 2008

artist's way guided intent (february)

by gl. at 2:35 am

a couple of weeks ago we hosted the february guided intent, whose theme was "strength." so i asked them to create "life plaques," an idea i got from dayna a long time ago.

in fact, we explored 3 different ways to explore our personal strengths: a mindmap on the table, an abstract visualization of four different personal strengths, and finally a life plaque based on one or more of the visualizations.

[compassion: click the picture to see the other life plaques and visualizations]

the next guided intent is one of my favorites. we'll be exploring compassion by sharing our stories "on stage" using a technique similar to playback theatre. playback theatre is a process that combines spontaneous collaboration with gentle direction. by being both storytellers and actors, we will see each other's stories through kinder eyes. it's often touching, hilarious, sad and bold all at once.

(it's also often difficult to convince people who don't consider themselves performing artists to try this, but i want to encourage people to try new things in a safe space as a way to increase creative capacity & vocabulary no matter what their dominant art is. :)

posted by gl. | February 20, 2008 2:35 AM | categories: artist's way