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June 27, 2008

our house is red and purple!

by sven at 10:58 pm


We've painted the house... Now it's red and purple!

The house was built in 2000, and due for recaulking and repainting. At last: our opportunity to get rid of that horrible, bland gray!

front - before

front - after

Selecting the colors was nerve-wracking. I spent hours and hours sitting on the corner across the street, holding up paint chips, trying to visualize the possibilities. Paint colors are like house guests... I really wanted to get to know the folks who'd be coming to stay with us -- intimately -- before they moved in.

garage - before

garage - after

As the first coats of "caliente" red started going up, the neighbors were dubious. They'd drive around the corner slowly, and shout questions out their car windows:

"Did you pick that color yourself?"


"It's... Bold."

But, as the "kalamata" purple peaks and "aplomb" lavender trim started going up, I sensed people starting to warm to it. The best comment we got: "I like the color! The less beige in this neighborhood, the better!"

Amen, brother!

studio - before

studio - after

Most of the houses in this neighborhood were built all at the same time. Block after block of gray, pale tan, pale yellow, white trim... They're all going to be needing new coats of paint pretty soon. We're more or less the first to repaint -- and it would delight us to no end if it our "bold" choice inspired others to also get a little daring.

painters at work

Besides wanting delicious new colors, we also decided that we wanted to go Earth-friendly. The paints that we used are from the Benjamin Moore "Affinity" line. They're a bit more expensive... But they're low VOC (volatile organic compound), last extra long, and are extra resistant to fading.


The paint job was done by Paintegrity -- whom we have nothing but praise for.

I'd be happy to send more business their way... They're the kind of group that I really want to see stick around and flourish.

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