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September 11, 2008

lsgl: migo is dead, long live migo!

by sven at 12:00 pm

dead hard drive

On Thursday, July 31, just as our out-of-town friend LeeAnn was about to arrive for a visit... We discovered that my Let Sleeping Gods Lie hard drive had died.


Thank the gods -- you know which gods I'm talking about ;-) -- that we back up all computers in our house once a week... And when I'm actively working on the film, the relevant machines get backed up daily.

(Needless to say, though, we're eager to upgrade to the next version of OSX, so we can then use "time machine" as our backing-up software.)

new hard drive (middle)

Last week, on Tuesday, Sept 2, I set up the new 500GB replacement drive.

The dead drive was named "Migo"... After the Lovecraftian space insects that transport humans to Pluto by placing our brains in jars. Being nervous about the whether or not the "data forks" would transfer over safely from the backup, I named the new drive "Migo" again.

...And the rebirth was a success! (OMGs, phew!!)

I've actually lost count, but I think this is the third hard drive that LSGL has lived on. The last movie drive may have died due to overheating... So, as you see, I've given our various external drives a bit more breathing room this time.

posted by sven | September 11, 2008 12:00 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie