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April 5, 2009

lsgl: illogic is the plan

by sven at 5:25 pm

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As of April 1, I'm officially back at work on Let Sleeping Gods Lie. My target is 25hrs/wk for 13 weeks… Then we have a road trip to Wisconsin.

Time spent on the storyboard hasn't been wasted… But I keep finding ways that it just doesn't work on screen. So now I'm trying to push pixels around in a more painterly way, finding my way by doing whatever comes to mind next. So long as I don't spend too much time completing a shot -- only to discover that it doesn't even fit in the story -- I think I'm OK.

The idea is that before logic can be imposed on art, first there must be a pool of illogical material to organize. I've got lots of experience doing intuitive collages… How well can I apply that mindset to film work?

posted by sven | April 5, 2009 5:25 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie