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January 24, 2010

resolved 2010: always towards better things

by gl. at 1:34 pm

[semper ad meliora: always towards better things]

i have a hard time with new year's resolutions: they seem to be both Too Much and Not Enough. they linger like to-do items with the same potential for failed obligation. (though one year i did learn to make origami boxes. :)

sven wrote a lovely set of "guiding principles" in 2008 i quite liked. and writing a poem is very appealing, like the birthday poems i write every year.

but this year i wanted something a little more visual and concise, so i came up with a different format: create a seal to represent the year! with a latin motto and everything!

i perused the Latin phrases wikipedia article to find some likely candidates for this year. since my focus at the studio is shifting away from hosted events & teaching, i wanted a phrase that would reflect my aspirations for the year.

then i popped over to the official seal generator to create this seal. i think i'm going to enjoy seeing the collection of them over time.

posted by gl. | January 24, 2010 1:34 PM | categories: miscellany