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September 10, 2011

best of the nw animation festival 2011

by sven at 2:58 pm


Drunken Ninjas, Robot Police, and Zombie Pigeons
at Best of the NW Animation Festival 2011

If you missed Portland's first NW Animation Festival this summer, here's a second chance.

"Best of the Fest" showcases 28 short films from around the world that are in turn funny, heart-touching, and profound. This special one-night event includes films from two Oscar-nominees, and many other award-winning artists. Attending filmmakers will answer questions from the audience following each block of shorts.

A feast for animation lovers, there are delights here for every taste. Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja hilariously warns us about the danger of intoxicated, weapon-carrying ninjas. The Nose, based on a story by Nikolai Gogol, tells the surreal tale of a vain civil servant who wakes up one morning to find that his own nose has disappeared. The Lighthouse touchingly portrays a father's unwavering, life-long support of his son's dreams — like a lighthouse forever lighting for the boats.

For schedule, photos, and film descriptions, see the website:

Saturday September 10 - one night only!
Two different shorts blocks at 7 and 9pm
7pm Block 1
9pm Block 2

$8 for one block / $10 for pass to both
CLICK HERE to buy tickets

Hollywood Theatre - main auditorium
4122 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97212

In addition to street parking around the theatre, Hollywood patrons can park in the Broadway Medical Clinic lot (4212 NE Broadway).


BLOCK 1 (90min)
1. Ursula 1000 - Rocket ..... by Eric Kilkenny
2. Timber ..... by Adam Fisher
3. Heart ..... by Erick Oh
4. Spirit of the Bluebird ..... by Jesse Gouchey & Xstine Cook
5. Chicxulub ..... by Christopher Purdin
6. Gerald's Last Day ..... by Justin & Shel Rasch
7. Ruby Rocket, Private Detective ..... by Sam Niemann & Stacey Hallal
8. The Necessities of Life ..... by Gerald Guthrie
9. Zero ..... by Christopher & Christine Kezelos
10. Cheez…z ..... by Arut Tantasirin
11. Operation: Fish ..... by Jeff Riley
12. Breath ..... by Kartika Mediani
13. The Nose ..... by Neil Burns & Dean Holmes
14. Old-Time Film ..... by Barbara Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado

BLOCK 2 (97min)
1. Medusa ..... by Nick DiLiberto
2. The Quiet Life ..... by Timothy Hittle
3. Just Can't Trust a Drunk Ninja ..... by Greg Doble
4. Ruby Rocket, Private Detective Web Series ..... by Niemann & Hallal
5. Slow Joe ..... by Philip Gray & Stephen Boot
6. The Lighthouse ..... by Po Chou Chi
7. The Box Game ..... by The Box Game Collective
8. Transformations on Bartok ..... by Stephen Campbell
9. Missionary ..... by Mike A. Smith
10. In the Fall of Gravity ..... by Ron Cole
11. Good Bot Bad Bot ..... by Marcus Ng & Nick Matthews
12. Something Left, Something Taken ..... by Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata
13. Landscape with Duck ..... by Patrick Neary
14. 24 Frames ..... by Brad Pattullo

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