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December 25, 2012

warmest winter wishes from scarlet star studios!

by sven at 6:00 am

We have an unexpected addition to our tree this year...

It began with a terrible storm that downed the giant butterfly bush in our backyard.

From inside its branches, we salvaged the robins' nest that birds built this past summer.

With a big gap in the middle of our branches, we knew just where to put it.

But what's this?

An errant writing mouse from Halfland has moved into the nest!

As the world gently tips, beginning our journey back toward light, we send you our best and brightest wishes…

(Thanks Shelley!)

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December 24, 2012

toby's christmas miracle!

by sven at 10:00 am

click on image to play film (3:35min - 12.4 MB)

A Scarlet Star Studios Christmas tradition…

The classic musical comedy which has delighted and enraptured children around the world...

Featuring the most beloved five-armed sock creature of all time: Toby!


(Also available on YouTube.)

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