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June 19, 2013

scenes from the 2013 nw animation fest: eugene

by sven at 11:57 pm

This post is the final installment in a 4 part photo series covering this year's Northwest Animation Festival. Gretchin and I drove down to Eugene to give all 154 films a second screening at the Bijou Art Cinemas on May 31 - June 2. Here's some of what we saw there.

1. Arriving at the Bijou Art Cinemas... Our first time doing the full three-day festival in another city!

2. Opening night at the Bijou Art Cinemas. That's us listed at the bottom of the marquee.

3. Before becoming a home for indie films, the Bijou Art Cinemas building was formerly a church — then a mortuary. Can you tell?

4. our audience begins to arrive

5. Gretchin staffs the info table

6. happy to see folks getting snacks before heading into the auditorium

7. lobby life: audience members page through the program while waiting for the auditorium doors to open

8. lobby life: "Welcome to the Northwest Animation Festival! Would you like a program?"

9. the Animation Hotline Hotspot came with us down to Euguene

10. folks trying out the Animation Hotspot

11. opening address on Saturday Afternoon: "Welcome to the Northwest Animation Festival!"

12. Thanks to everyone who came out to see animation on a gorgeous sunny day!

13. the glow of the screen puts a nimbus of light around every head

14. view of our Sunday Night audience from the balcony

15. The Bijou Art Cinemas just installed a new digital projector, funded with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Light shone from the lens for the first time barely an hour before our opening screening! We're proud that NW Animation Fest got to be the first event to use the new equipment... Congrats to the Bijou!

16. exiting the auditorium for an intermission

17. lobby life: sipping a beer, going out into the sunny courtyard, watching the Animation Hotline video loop, waiting to buy concessions

18. lobby life: popcorn gets spilled... that fellow coming down the hall was kind-spirited and stooped to help pick it up before staff could even get there

19. Cinema Studies student Peri Moritz shares a video

20. "Which film was that?" — "It was the one where..."

21. transfixed by the magic Oreo

22. beer and the Animation Hotline

23. Those two? They're deciding what films were their favorites. They're about to come over and fill out a survey.

24. Filling out surveys at the info table. "Help us decide what goes in the Best of the Fest show. Mark as many films as you like!"

25. heading back into the auditorium, popcorn in hand

26. So many conversations! This gentleman is a novelist, so we compared the unique challenges of two art forms: writing and animation.

27. a very animated conversation

28. a happy crowd excitedly discussing the films on Sunday night

29. Thanks so much to the wonderful Bijou staff: Laurie, Nick, Julie and Michelle. (Also Kegan, Steve, Ashley and Joshua!)

30. We'll definitely be back in Eugene next year... And perhaps even sooner, at the Eugene Celebration!

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