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October 31, 2013

happy halloween from scarlet star studios!

by sven at 10:30 am

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October 25, 2013

event review: best of the 2013 nw animation fest

by sven at 4:43 pm

Our Best of the 2013 NW Animation Fest event took place on Saturday Sept 7 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. It repeated one week later on Sept 14 at the Bijou Metro in Eugene. Here's a short review-in-photos that I created for the NWAF Facebook page.

1. We're proud to have been up on the Hollywood Theatre's beautiful new marquee just two days after the grand unveiling ceremony.

2. Our wonderful volunteer team: (front) Hannah Viera, Naomi Fish, Sven Bonnichsen, Samantha McKinney; (rear) Danie West, Brad Bolchunos, Gretchin Lair, Nick Nall. Not pictured: Patrick Neary.

3. Fest director Sven Bonnichsen orients event staff before the evening show.

4. The audience begins to arrive.

5. Naomi Fish helps direct people as they arrive for the show.

6. The Hollywood Theatre begins to fill up.

7. Assistant director & lobby leader Gretchin Lair answers questions at the info table alongside Danie West.

8. Welcome! I'm so glad you could make it!

9. The Hollywood Theatre's popcorn has been voted the best movie popcorn in the city. (Seriously.) The line for concessions stretches down the hall.

10. The auditorium doors open, and folks begin finding their seats.

11. Hannah Viera and Brad Bolchunos hand out programs at the first door.

12. Volunteers Hannah Viera and Brad Bolchunos.

13. Nick Nall and Samantha McKinney hand out programs at the auditorium's second door.

14. Thank you to our sponsors and supporters, the Hollywood Theatre, Oregon Film, Morel Ink, ADi, Oregon Media Production Association, Wild Portland, Jupiter Hotel, the Portland Mercury & Voodoo Doughnuts.

15. There were over 200 people in the audience this night.

16. Reading through the program.

17. Welcome to the Best of the 2014 Northwest Animation Festival!

18. Someday we're going to host an event that's so crowded, people will even sit in the front row!

19. The background image is from the film "A Knock on My Door," by San Jose professor and all-around animation mensch, David Chai.

20. The show you are about to see was boiled down from the program of 155 international films that we screened this past May.

21. "Now, let's watch some films!"

22. Our audience as the lights are just about to go down for the show...

23. Lobby life: hanging out talking about your favorite films after the show has ended.

24. Hanging out in the lobby post-show.

25. It's time to head over to the Moon & Sixpence for drinks and staying up much too late.

26. Exiting the auditorium.

27. The Hollywood Theatre's new marquee, lit up at night.

28. Glittering palace of film.

29. Thanks to our wonderful hosts at the Hollywood Theatre!

30. The next full-scale Northwest Animation Festival is scheduled for
May 15-18, 2014... See you then!

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