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There are no Artist's Way events scheduled at this time.

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Find your muse! The Artist's Way, based on the book by Julia Cameron, is a guided process for anyone who wants to be more creative. It will help you identify what's keeping you from making art and let you begin to create fearlessly & truthfully.

Whether you love visual, literary or performing arts, the Artist's Way is for you! Artist's Way is for...
* People who used to be musicians or dancers
* People who are poets or filmmakers
* People who are afraid to admit they would like to be actors or sculptors

Quite simply, Artist's Way is for people who create or want to create! Our classes have inspired authors, poets, painters, dancers, actors, directors, scriptwriters, calligraphers, musicians, songwriters, composers and potters, as well as scientists, teachers, lawyers, drug counselors, web designers, librarians and interior decorators.

We offer a passionate, practical approach to Artist's Way, featuring an abundant studio with diverse art materials & dynamic art activities designed to encourage your muse and stretch every aspect of your creativity. Whenever we meet we try something new! Participants leave feeling energized and excited, even when travelling from as far away as Salem & Vancouver. Instead of promising to change your life in a single day, the Artist's Way offers an opportunity for growth over time, deepening your commitment and allowing you to practice habits that will serve you long after our time together ends. Read what others have to say about our unique format.

Your facilitator, Gretchin Lair, is a creative advocate who offers committed, consistent support & follow-through at all stages of your journey. Many participants call her Artist's Way offerings their "anchor" in the midst of busy lives and appreciate her "quiet leadership." Known for her "splendid mix of art and honesty," Gretchin has been an art curator, exhibited calligrapher, prize-winning poet & acclaimed actress over the last 17 years. Her methods focus on art exploration and creative self-expression and are strongly influenced by art therapy techniques. She's been involved with Artist's Way since 2002.

Scarlet Star Studios offers a range of Artist's Way offerings in the fair city of Portland, so wherever you are in the process, you've come to the right place!

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