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March 7, 2005

LSGL work session #6

by sven at 11:41 pm

Time in studio: 1 hr



There are two irreprable flaws with my lighting design...

First: The lavamen have no flashlights or lanterns. Walking into a cave, you'd think they'd be carrying something!

Second: There's no way for me to make the glow from the lavamen red -- it has to be white. This the result of how I've accomplished the "neon-gothic" look. Because I'm using all kinds of hue-shift, it'd be ridiculously hard to get the right tint.

Even so, I'm pleased with the look of the moving light source. It's subtle, but the changing shadows give the lavamen a way to actually interact with the environment, making them look less two-dimensional. ...In my own head, I think of it simply as the physics of this strange universe I've created.

Here's the documentation I created tonight:



  1. Open LW and AE
  2. In AE, open the animatic shot that you want to work on
  3. Make sure Viper is enabled in LW


  1. Open “cave template” scene in LW
  2. Set cam location, height, angle Note: Use the horizon line as a reference, comparing to AE shot
  3. Apple-F9 to render a still
  4. Export still from Viper as a .psd
  5. Import .psd still shot into AE
  6. Place still shot under lavamen footage.
  7. Set hue/sat to about 150/90. Set brightness/contrast. ...How does it look?


  1. Add Elder Things to the set (+) Note: control-C is the clone command
  2. Arrange the Elders using the animatic shot as a reference
  3. Apple-F9 to render a still
  4. Export from viper as a .psd
  5. Import .psd still shot into AE
  6. Place still shot under lavamen footage. ...How does it look?


  1. Set fps to 1 or 2
  2. Set length of LW scene to match length of lavamen footage
  3. Set first and last keyframes for light #2 (light associated with cam)
  4. In “render options”, name .mov file and location to be saved
  5. Apple-F10 to render movie
  6. Import .mov of moving light into AE
  7. Place .mov under lavamen footage. ...How does it look?


  1. If the previous render looks good, go back and render a 15 fps, anti-aliased, etc.

posted by sven | March 7, 2005 11:41 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie, movies