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March 21, 2005

LSGL work session #9

by sven at 11:40 pm

Time in studio: 2 hrs 15 min



Unfortunately, neither of the shots I created are at all useful. Crud!

I tried putting the camera in all kinds of different places in my set -- even upside down -- but it looks like the entry passage is going to have to be resculpted. I tell myself "creative success requires creative failure" -- but a night like this makes me worry that I can't get the movie done this year. ...And that's just not acceptable.

Last week I was consumed with creating a "supernifty and supersecret project" for Artist's Way. This week I'm going to be consumed with proof-reading Kristian William's new book. ...I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I should have in March.

...I'd been beginning to consider doing some additional filming of the actors in order to doctor the movie's ending. But every bump in the road steals more time...

Feeling grim.

Next Steps:

posted by sven | March 21, 2005 11:40 PM | categories: let sleeping gods lie, movies