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June 20, 2005

artist's way @mac: week 3

by gl. at 11:12 pm

yipe! i forgot media fasting will begin tomorrow until right before i left for class. i so didn't prepare to be without reading or music or movies this week, and it begins when i wake up tomorrow. alas, the mac forgot to set up my room again, which was especially sad given the lack of music tonight leading into media dep, as i was all set to play pink martini.

after the critic transformation exercise last week, i had them do a love letter exercise this week which went well, but they were almost more interested in the watercolor pencils! we had a little group love about the emotional safety present. alas, we were missing two participants tonight, so i hope next week everyone will be back, especially since we're skipping the july fourth session.

at least two of tonight's participants were interested in knowing whether i taught this class outside the mac and one of them wanted to know if i would come to her home. i invited them to thursday's artist's way open studio, but it might be too late for any of them to come.

posted by gl. | June 20, 2005 11:12 PM | categories: artist's way